What We Do

At Yellow Jacket Search, what we provide to our clients is access to a vast network of highly skilled and talented candidates.

Let’s face it, the best people are not responding to postings, and don’t have their resumes online. Having established a rapport and trust with gainfully employed, top producing folks who are making it happen for their current employers today, we are able to evangelize our client’s value proposition and engage these folks. To go beyond that, we in conjunction with our clients in a joint effort, providing consulting and advisory services to assist in how to attract and land these folks through their interview process.

We also provide invaluable market intelligence, by speaking with individuals in the space all day, we become privy to information about platforms, technologies, cultures, etc. People will open up to their Recruiter often times more than they will colleagues and peers.

Finally! We know you are busy and get a lot of calls from folks in our industry. We have heard all the stories. We know that there are different types of headhunters with different styles and approaches. It’s time to experience greatness. Our goal is to act as a career agent, with your best interest in mind.

We are not in the business of pitching jobs or pressuring, but to actually take the time to listen to the goals and aspirations for your career in the short and long term, and keep you aware of only opportunities that fit into that career plan. If you take the right approach in this business, it all comes down to timing.

An important factor in this whole equation is the realization that we need to give you a reason to take time to go interview somewhere. Through countless hours of gathering market intelligence by talking to VC’s, CEOs, and Engineers about what companies are generating the most buzz, and by reading industry newsletters and keeping up on the latest and greatest platforms, our Recruiters know what emerging technologies are truly disruptive, we are able focus in on targeting these types of companies to bring in as clients. That’s the key for our business model, the fact that we not only need to have the best candidates, but also the best companies as our clients. Yellow Jacket Search has both, and that’s our value proposition to the folks we stay networked with.Our database has been built over 15 years, and holds over 5000 companies and 50,000 people that have built their careers within our niche.